SMS remains a key channel for marketers. Today, almost everyone owns a mobile device, and most people have their phones with them all the time. SMS helps you to get connected - and stay connected - to your contacts.

Use SMS to engage with contacts at any time, in any place. With SMS, you make an immediate impact. Recipients often read SMS messages within minutes of their arrival. SMS enjoys much higher opening and response rates than other channels.

Send SMS with your Mapp Engage​

Mapp Engage lets you add SMS to your multi-channel marketing strategy. You can enjoy the most important Mapp Engage tools - including personalisation and selections - when you create SMS messages in Mapp Engage. You can also use the Automations feature to set up automated SMS marketing programs in Mapp Engage.

And most importantly, you can use Mapp Engage central profile management tools to obtain a complete picture of each contact's engagement with your brand.

Marketing Advantages​

  • Create and send SMS messages in Mapp Engage to manage your contact data and digital marketing efforts in one central application.

  • Easily coordinate email and SMS sendouts. For example, send an SMS that announces a product launch, and follow up with an email later in the day.

  • Add a personal touch - such as a first name - to SMS messages. You can use the same personalizations in SMS that you use in email.

  • Create selections to segment your SMS subscribers and achieve more targeting marketing. You can use the same selections in SMS that you use in email.

  • Enable inbound (mobile-originated) SMS messages to create two-way marketing dialogues. For example, you can use SMS for bookings, polls and lotteries.

Technical Advantages​

  • Send SMS messages with a dedicated short code, a short code plus keyword, or an international long number. Mapp Engage supports all three mobile code types.

  • Use automations to immediately react to inbound SMS messages. You can restrict the automation to inbound SMS messages that contain certain words, like "coupon" or "help".

  • Mapp offers international SMS capabilities. This allows you to reach international subscribers in expanding markets across the globe.

  • Mapp partners with SAP to optimize routing and delivery. SAP has a large number mobile data centers, all of which are compliant with strict EU standards (ISO/IEC 27001).

Background Information​

For SMS, Mapp Engage partners with SAP Mobile Services, the world’s largest messaging hub provider. SAP is an 'aggregator' for SMS messages. This partnership allows you to take advantage of SAP's global delivery networks.

Here's how it works: When you create an SMS message, Mapp Engage does not distribute the message to your contacts' mobile numbers directly. Instead, Mapp Engage first sends your message to SAP for routing. SAP makes sure your messages are delivered almost instantly to local mobile carriers (Verizon, Telecom, etc.) around the globe. In a final step, these local mobile carriers deliver the messages to your contacts' mobile phones.

This partnership has the following advantages for you:

  • SAP offers accelerated routing to local mobile carriers. This means that SAP uses the fastest routes available to reach your contacts.

  • SAP is compliant with international data security standard ISO/IEC 27001.

  • SAP offers detailed reporting data about your SMS messages.

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