Is part of the pages path analysis and shows the direct preceding pages within the visit.

Between both pages, no other pages may have been viewed.

Short facts

Using this dimension is only useful if you restrict your analysis to one or more specific preceding pages.


A user views the following pages within a visit:


Based on Page C:

  • the "Preceding Page" is Page B
  • the "Second Preceding Page" is Page A

Example for Usage in an Analysis

Most often, this dimension is used in the Preceding Pages path:


3.087 times the page was viewed. 901 times the page en.women was viewed directly before, and en.home was viewed 390 times directly before both.

Similar figures

Preceding Pages: the pages viewed directly before an arbitrary page
Follower Pages: the pages viewed directly after an arbitrary page
Second Follower Pages: the pages viewed directly after the follower page of an arbitrary page.

Further Information

Training document Analysis of Navigation Paths