This chapter explains optional configuration parameters. You can use these according to your tracking requirements. You are allowed to combine several functions and parameters.

Please note that the functions listed here may not be available depending on the Mapp Intelligence function package you have booked.

If you want to send predefined parameters or categories, you can extend the tracking request as you like using the key extraUrlParams.


<amp-analytics type="mapp_intelligence">
	<script type="application/json">
		"vars": {
			"trackDomain": "",
			"trackId": "111111111111111"
		"triggers": {
			"trackPageview": {
				"on": "visible",
				"request": "pageview",
				"extraUrlParams": {
					"pageParameter<<ID>>": "value for page parameter",
					"contentGroup<<ID>>": "value for content group",
					"sessionParameter<<ID>>": "value for session parameter",
					"ecommerceParameter<<ID>>": "value for ecommerce parameter",
					"urmCategory<<ID>>": "value for urm category",
					"campaignParameter<<ID>>": "value for campaign parameter"
			"trackMediaPlay": {
				"on": "video-play",
				"request": "mediaPlay",
				"selector": "#video",
				"extraUrlParams": {
					"actionParameter<<ID>>": "value for action parameter",
					"mediaCategory<<ID>>": "value for media category"