This article shows you, how you can use data tracked via Mapp Intelligence for deriving the sentiment of your users and, based on this, setting up a campaign in Mapp Marketing Automation.


Use information collected on your website for getting direct and indirect customer feedback and derived from this, addressing users specifically on the page.

Points for deriving Customer Feedback

Possible points, that can give insights into the sentiment of a user, could be:

  • NPS rating
    The Net Promoter Score shows the possibility of a user recommending your company.
    In Mapp, this survey can be integrated via the Tag Integration plugin. Data collection is realized via a session parameter.

  • Rating or sharing of an article
    Do you provide a rating or sharing function for articles? This information is usually tracked in Mapp via an Event.

  • Subscription to or unsubscription from a newsletter
    Usually, the call of a specific page is used for tracking this information in Mapp.

  • Access of account-specific information, such as information about contract term, contract change or cancellation
    Usually, the call of a specific page is used for tracking this information in Mapp.

Ensure, that this information is tracked correctly in Mapp Intelligence.

Segmentation in the Segment Manager

We now know, which filters are necessary and save these in the Mapp Segment Manager as a segment for each sentiment.

Example for a segment, that tracks all users with a positive sentiment:

Example for a segment, that tracks all users with a negative sentiment:

The created segments can be used for filtering in Mapp Intelligence and as a basis for a target group in Mapp Marketing Automation.

Setup of a Campaign in Marketing Automation

First, you should think about ways to address the different groups efficiently.

  • Highlight the advantages to users with a negative sentiment, provide discounts, or offer personal contact for getting more detailed feedback.
  • You should encourage people with a positive sentiment, to share their feedback in order to win new users.

In general, you can use banners, Custom HTML, and layers in Mapp Marketing Automation for realizing an individual address. Consider, which element you want to use where.

For setting up the campaign, choose Marketing Automation > Campaigns > Create a new campaign.

In this section, only the information relevant for the case is depicted. Please see our documentation for a detailed description of the setup of campaigns.

You can import the segments created in the Mapp Segment Manager via "Target Group".

Please note, that a segment only considers visits in the past. This means, all users, that give feedback in the same visit, are not considered. The behavior within the session can be regarded via real-time behaviors. You have to use the same filters there, that the segment is based on.

Therefore, 2 campaigns have to be set up each for users with a positive and negative sentiment.

Example for the setup of the target groups for the 2 campaigns for users with a positive sentiment:

  • Campaign 1 for positive sentiment:

  • Campaign 2 for positive sentiment: