We're releasing a few small updates to greatly improve your experience using metrics and reports in Mapp Intelligence!

Key Benefits

  • Avoid Cutting Off Elements When Exporting a pdf
    The pdf export now contains an option called "scale to fit" which will adjust the width of the pdf as needed.
  • Report Auto Refresh 
    Report Auto Refresh is an optional feature which automatically reloads a report, once new data is available. Now the status for reports can be made visible in your Report Overview, using the Report Overview Table configurations. If activated for your account, the Auto Refresh status for selected reports can be updated here. 
  • Metric Column Decimal Rounding in Export
    The decimal setting (up to 10 places)  can be specified within the metric configuration of an analysis, which will now be used in the file export. We have also added the new option "no rounding".

    Rounding limited to 10 decimal places.
  • UX improvements
    • Users may now create a copy of a report while in viewing mode.
    • When deleting a custom metrics, users will see the name of the metric being deleted.
  • Mapp Engage Campaign Dashboard: Updated calculation of Confirmed Openers
    The Mapp Engage Campaign Dashboard in Intelligence contains a new calculation of the metric "confirmed openers". It now accounts for multiple uses of a single email. If a user receives two emails with an identical identifiers (mailing ID), they are now counted twice (before the update: once).  We are now adding sendout time to the mailing id, so that with the release we'll count two opens in two mailings as two unique opens. This change is not retroactive. All old messages receive a timestamp of null, so confirmed openers will only be counted this way after the update is live. 


These are available to all Mapp Intelligence customers, but you may need to speak to your administrator to activate them.