Our Marketing Automation has a great new option for customization!

Key Benefits

  • Freely position overlays on your website. Choose from a predefined list or customize the position however you'd like.

  • Preview your new overlay directly on the page while you work, allowing you to make adjustments as needed.

How does it work?

  1. In Mapp Intelligence, go to Marketing >Placements >Overlay and select Create a new overlay placement

  2. In the basic settings, you should pick a name for your new placement, and you can restrict the URL:

  3. Set up the placement with either predefined settings or make a custom setting:

  4. You can now even preview how the placement will look by clicking on the eye icon:
  5. Finally, select Next and then Save.


This feature went live on December 6th. Please note that this will not change any existing overlays; they will stay where they are but be saved as a custom position.

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