This new feature lets users discern when a particular object, such as a new referrer or campaign, is tracked for the first time, offering crucial insights into new elements influencing website behavior. Key use cases involve evaluating the impact of a new referrer on conversion rates and identifying when new error messages or codes occur.

Key Benefits

  • A completely new analysis option in Mapp Intelligence
  • It can be used in an analysis by adding new filters
  • Also, custom parameters can be configured individually for this analysis option

How does it work?

Identifying a new referrer is a typical use case for the first occurrence feature. Watch the following video to learn how to increase revenue through personalized website overlay using referrers.

The measurement of the first occurrence is available for the following dimensions:

Default dimensions

  • Campaigns
  • Events
  • Pages
  • Media
  • Products
  • Referrer (Entry Sources, Referrer URLs, Other Sources, Search Engines, Social Media Referrer)

Custom parameters

  • Campaign parameters
  • Event parameters
  • Page parameters
  • E-Commerce parameters
  • Session parameters

For each of these dimensions, there are two new additional dimensions available:

Date of first occurrence <dimension name>Shows the date/time when an object was first tracked.
First occurrence <dimension name>Allows you to filter on the first occurrence. Options available are "Yes" and "No".

For the following dimensions, no separate first-occurrence elements are available: Entry Sources, Referrer URLs, Other Sources, Search Engines, and Social Media Referrer. Instead, you can use the dimensions "Date of first occurrence Referrer" and "First occurrence Referrer."


Ensure you have permission in the user management to access the dimensions you need.

The first occurrence can be calculated individually in the parameter configuration for custom parameters with data type text. This ensures that only the required dimensions are displayed, and the user experience remains good.


This feature went live on November 17th.

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