We have optimized the naming of some of our figures so that they are easier to understand and work better across the Mapp Cloud platform.

Key Benefits

  • New metric and dimension naming in Mapp Intelligence correspond with the naming used in Mapp Engage, making it easy to use them across both platforms.
  • The new names are more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • The quick calculation mode is removed so that all analysis calculations are performed on all available data.

What has changed?

A) Changes for URM dimensions and metrics

There are two major changes here:

  1. "Customer" is now "User".
  2. The phrase "URM" has been removed from all names.

The API keys and arrangetype remain unchanged.

 See the full list
Old nameNew name
URM - Custom Visitor IdCustom Visitor Id
URM - Visitor IdVisitor Id
URM - Days between contacts Avg.User - Days between contacts Avg.
URM - Days between orders Avg.User - Days between orders Avg.
URM - Days to 1st order Avg.User - Days to 1st order Avg.
URM - Campaign New Visitor CLVUser - Campaign New Visitor CLV
URM - Customer Profile Conversion Rate %User Profile - Conversion Rate %
URM - Customer Profile Discounts %User Profile - Orders with Discount Rate %
URM - Customer Profile Return shipment Share %User Profile - Return shipment Share %
URM - Customer Profile Order Value Avg.User Profile - Order Value Avg.
URM - Customer Profile Visit Frequency Avg. (Days)User Profile - Visit Frequency Avg. (Days)
URM - AgeUser - Age
URM - CityUser - City
URM - CountryUser - Country
URM - Customer Profile Last Micro Customer JourneyUser Profile - Last Micro Customer Journey
URM - Customer Profile Micro StatusUser Profile - Micro Status
URM - Customer Profile Macro StatusUser Profile - Macro Status
URM - Customer Lifetime OfferUser - Lifetime Offer
URM - Customer Profile Orders w. DiscountUser Profile - Orders w. Discount
URM - Customer Discount ValueUser Profile - Discount Value
URM - Customer Profile Discount ValueUser Profile - Discount Value
URM - Customer Profile OrdersUser Profile - Orders
URM - Customer Profile Page ImpressionsUser Profile - Page Impressions
URM - Customer Profile ReturnsUser Profile - Returns
URM - Customer Profile Order ValueUser Profile - Order Value
URM - Customer Profile VisitsUser Profile - Visits
URM - Days between ordersUser - Days between orders
URM - Days between contactsUser - Days between contacts
URM - E-Mail Opt-inUser - E-Mail Opt-in
URM - Email Receiver IdUser - Email Receiver Id
URM - Customer Profile Days since First ContactUser Profile - Days since First Contact
User - GenderUser - Gender
URM - Days since ContactUser - Days since Contact
URM - Customer Micro StatusUser - Micro Status
URM - Customer Macro StatusUser - Macro Status
URM - Customer Page ImpressionsUser - Page Impressions
URM - Customer VisitsUser - Visits
URM - Customer Orders w. DiscountsUser - Orders w. Discounts
URM - Customer Discount ValueUser - Discount Value
URM - Customer OrdersUser - Orders
URM - Customer Order ValueUser - Order Value
URM - Days since OrderUser - Days since Order
URM - Customer RFE GroupUser - RFE Group
URM - Customer RFM GroupUser - RFM Group
URM - Customer Profile Days since Last ContactUser Profile - Days since Last Contact
URM - Customer Profile Days since Last OrderUser Profile - Days since Last Order
URM - Last Visit with a PurchaseUser - Last Visit with a Purchase
URM - Last VisitUser - Last Visit
URM - Postal CodeUser - Postal Code
User - Predicted Churn Probability %User - Predicted Churn Probability %
URM - Predicted Churn Probability % (interval 10)User - Predicted Churn Probability % (interval 10)
URM - Predicted Conversion Probability %User - Predicted Conversion Probability %
URM - Predicted Conversion Probability % (interval 10)User - Predicted Conversion Probability % (interval 10)
URM - Predicted Customer Lifetime ValueUser - Predicted Customer Lifetime Value
URM - Predicted CLVUser - Predicted CLV
URM - Predicted CLV (interval 50)User - Predicted CLV (interval 50)
URM - Predicted Order Value Next 30 DaysUser - Predicted Order Value Next 30 Days
URM - Predicted Next Order ValueUser - Predicted Next Order Value
URM - Customer Profile RFE GroupUser Profile - RFE Group
URM - Customer Profile RFM GroupUser Profile - RFM Group
URM - StreetUser - Street

B) The Form Fields Abandons metric

The "Form Fields Abandons" metric has been renamed to stop causing confusion with the " Qty Abandoned Form Fields" metric.

Old nameNew name
Form Fields AbandonsLast Form Field Cursor (Abandoned Form)

For more information, see Last Form Field Cursor (Abandoned Form).

C) Page Load Time

Page Load Time is a custom parameter that needs to be activated to collect the loading time of a specific page via a plugin. You will only see it if you've activated the custom parameter.

There are two updates to this parameter:

  1. "Page Load Time" is now called "Page Load Time (ms)" to specify that the time is displayed in milliseconds. 

    Old nameNew name
    Page Load TimePage Load Time (ms)

    If you set up the page load parameter in the parameter config, it will be created with the new name. You can rename existing parameters within the parameter setup.

  2. The decimals will be removed from the sum metric by default.

For more information, see Page Load Time.

D) Quick Calculation Mode

The quick calculation mode is removed. All analysis calculations will be performed on all available data and not on a random 20% sample, giving you a complete picture of your data at all times.


This feature went live on November 17th.