With Mapp's new API (Application Programming Interface), you can not only use the existing analytics functionalities of Mapp Intelligence to build applications, but create your own solutions as well.

Key Benefits

Utilize Mapp Intelligence’s analytical information and functions without having to log into our platform! This can save you tons of time when you analyze your collected data, with information being shared between platforms automatically once set up.  It also allows for close integration with eCommerce and content management systems, data visualization tools, and the like. The setup is very easy: you can directly copy the JSON Configuration from analyses like Traffic, Campaign, or Orders from Mapp Intelligence, and use them to make queries via the API.

How does it work?

  1. Set up the connection in Mapp Intelligence.

  2. Configure the analysis that you want to request via API in Mapp Intelligence.

  3. Copy the JSON configuration by clicking the option in the context menu.

  4. Use the JSON request in your tool.

Please see our How-to's for more details and examples to get you started using our API with Excel, Power BI, and Python.


This is part of our summer release and will be available for activation and purchase starting September 7th, 2021. Please speak to your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager to have this optional feature activated for your account.