We've enriched the channel portfolio of Mapp Engage with a brand new Web Push channel! You can now reach existing and potential customers by displaying messages based on their real-time activity on your website. Mapp Engage makes it easy for you to create and manage web push messages, closing the gap between email and mobile. Now you can accompany your customers through their journey with all possible channels.

How can this feature enhance your marketing?

With our customizable web push messages you can:

  • address challenges such as upselling, cart abandonment, churn p revention,
  • promote discount coupons, flash sales, price drop campaigns,
  • engage and retain new customers by pushing encouragement via Mapp's Whiteboard automation, and more.

See the how-tos we prepared to inspire you:

  1. Send a Flash-Sale Announcement via Web Push
  2. Send an Abandoned Cart Reminder via Web Push

Key Benefits

  • Reach & Engagement
    • send web push to all or to selected contacts
    • reach website visitors who are not yet your contacts
    • increase engagement - nudge people to visit areas of the site that are of special interest to them, and draw their attention to new relevant content
    • always reach real people - as web push is browser-based, there is no room for fake email addresses
  • Usability
    • quick and easy set-up process - no support from technical teams is required
    • time-efficient - no special design elements are involved
    • easy to manage - you can create, edit and delete web push messages anytime
  • Cost effectiveness : Web push is one of the most cost-effective channels, since no additional external services are involved.

How does it work?

  1. Enable Web Push on your websites by adding the simple script that we provide

  2. Set up Web Push Channel in Mapp Engage

  3. Compose and send your Web Push notifications

Web Push at Mapp is based on Firebase. This means that it is not supported on the Safari browser.


This feature is part of our Summer 2021 product update. To get it activated for your account, contact your Customer Success or Account Manager.