Meet the new Adobe Commerce (Magento) plugin for Mapp Cloud - rebuilt from scratch to better support your insight-led marketing campaigns. The plugin now also supports product catalogs and Web Push!

Key Benefits

  • A wholly rebuilt, state-of-the-art plugin with simple integration steps

  • Supports Mapp Engage and Mapp Intelligence
  • Enables a seamless creation of targeted marketing campaigns using existing eCommerce data

  • Full support for Product Catalog use cases, such as:

    • New product launch campaigns, 

    • Price drop & Back to Stock campaigns,

    • Product-based personalization across channels, and more! ‚Äč

  • Expanded with Web Push messaging for a broader audience reach

The new plugin will soon be available on the Magento marketplace and replace our existing Magento Engage integration. Customers will need to migrate to take advantage of the upgraded features.

How does it work?

The Magento plugin can be integrated into Mapp Engage and Mapp Intelligence. 

  1. Download the plugin from the Magento Marketplace.

  2. Install and connect.
  3. Configure Mapping & Imports as needed:


The minimal requirements are Adobe Commerce/Magento version 2.4.5 and PHP version 8.1

This feature is part of our June Update 2023 and will be available soon.

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