What is a SuperMessage?​

A SuperMessage is a message sent to a SuperGroup. A SuperGroup is at the same time a collection of selected "normal" groups. If such a group is used for message sendout and the option ​Send the message to all subgroups​  is selected in the sendout options, the message to be sent is converted into a SuperMessage.

If a SuperGroup and the corresponding option for message sendout is used, the message is send to all groups in the SuperGroup and their respective recipients. For more information, see SuperGroup: Introduction​.

SuperMessages in Statistics​

A SuperMessage consists of single messages that are sent together as a SuperMessage. The summary of each message sent to a single group is displayed as usual in the statistics for group messages. Since the messages are sent as part of a SuperMessage, every single message is assigned the type  ​SuperMessage​. In addition to the usual statistics for each individual group message message, a summary report for the SuperMessage is also available. This is accessed from the context menu for the individual SuperMessage.

Differences in the calculation of statistical information (SuperMessage vs. normal Group Message)

SuperMessages send messages to several different groups. Statistics for the SuperMessage therefore provide a group-comprehensive snapshot of the success for different messages.

In Engage, an address is only stored one time in a group. During normal sendout to a single group, the address receives only one message. All statistics are then based on the behavior of the recipient with respect to this one message.

In the SuperMessage, there are more associated groups used for sendout. Each address can be a member in any number of these associated groups. The address may thus receive several messages through the simultaneous sendout to multiple groups.

The statistics for the SuperMessage are in turn aggregations. Individual calculations for messages which were sent to the different groups are added together. A recipient can, for example, receive two messages and open both. In the individual message statistics of the SuperMessage, he will be displayed in each as one opener. In the statistics for the SuperMessage, the results of the individual messages are added - so he appears here twice, as two openers.

Statistical Information from SuperMessages

For each message, the statistics provide detailed information about delivery performance, recipient activity, potential reach and conversions. For more information, see ​Group Message Statistics (window)​.

Group-comprehensive reporting for the SuperMessage is displayed in the ​SuperMessage Center​ (see ​SuperMessage Center (window)​). This is opened via the context menu of any SuperMessage in the Action column.

Each single message has its own unique message ID. This applies both to the individual messages sent and also the SuperMessage. There is no connection between the ID of the SuperMessage and the IDs of the individual messages that form the SuperMessage.