Data Feeds allow you to transfer source data - data that you are importing - into a single destination in Mapp Engage, transforming those data into a unified format that you can define.

Available transformations

Source TransformationDescription
To upper caseTransforms source data to upper case.
To lower caseTransforms source data to upper case.
Math floorTransforms numeric value to integer.
TimestampAdjusts format of the timestamp to your supported format.
Remove charAllows you to specify a character or string which will be removed from incoming data. 

Lets you create a custom data transformation using JavaScript.

Custom transformation cannot be saved until it is executed (tested) and returns a single string value.

Edit Transformation

  1. Go to Data Management > Mapp Connect and open the integration you want to edit.
  2. Open the Mapping tab and click Edit next to the mapping you need to change.
  3. Click Edit Field Mapping.
  4. Make your changes.
    1. Selecting Remove char opens a field where you can specify the character or string you want removed.
    2. Selecting Custom opens a field where you can enter the JavaScript, and a button to test it.
  5. Click Save.