Navigation Path​

  1. In the ​Top Navigation​, click  > Settings.
    ⇒ The ​Account​ window opens.
  2. Click ​User Management​.
    ⇒ The ​User Management​ window opens.
  3. Click the ​Create User​ button.
    ⇒ The ​Create User​ window opens.


Creates a system user.

What can I do in this window?

  • Assign the new system user to a user group.
  • Assign the new system user permission to perform user management.





From the drop-down list, select the group that you want to assign the system user. The system user inherits the access rights of the selected user group. Access rights grant permission to carry out specific actions on specific data objects.

​First Name​

Enter the first name of the system user.

​Last Name​

Enter the last name of the system user.

​Email address​

Enter the email address of the system user. Or click in the field to select an option from the drop-down list.

​Send password to​

Enter the email address where the password is sent.

​Create User​

Creates a system user with the entries you specify in the input fields.




User management​

Grants the system user permission to perform management tasks when you select the check box.