Navigation Path​

  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click ​Create New > Group​.
    ⇒ The ​Group​ window opens to the ​Group​ Details tab.
  2. Provide group details and click ​Create​.
    ⇒ The ​General Setting​ tab opens.


In this window, you create a group in Mapp Engage. A group is a list of contacts to whom you send messages. Groups are the primary way that you organize contacts and send messages. Many settings, including sendout settings, are managed on the group level.

After you create a group, you add or import contacts to your group.

What can I do in this window?

  • Create a new group.
  • Create a new SuperGroup.
  • Define the sender name and email address.
  • Assign a group category.




Creates the group. You can now configure the group settings and import contacts into the group.

For more information about group settings, see ​Group Settings​.

For more information about importing contacts, see ​Import​.





The name is used for group administration in Mapp Engage. The maximum length is 150 characters.

The name of the group does not have to be unique in Mapp Engage. You can change the name of the group at any time. You change the name in the group settings.

By default, the group name is a part of the ​From Address​ that contacts see in their email inbox. You can edit the ​From Address​ in the group settings.


The email address must be unique in Mapp Engage. You cannot have two Mapp Engage groups with the same email address. You cannot change the group email address later.

The local part of the email address has a maximum length of 40 characters. The second part of the email address is the domain. If your Mapp Engage system uses multiple domains, you must select which domain to use for this group.

By default, the group email address is a part of the ​From Address​ that contacts see in their email inbox. You can edit the ​From Address​ in the group settings.

​Configuration Template​

Allows you to use a configuration template to create the group. For more information, see ​Configuration Template Notification (tab)​. A configuration template stores a set of sendout settings that you can apply automatically when you create or copy a group. This template-based option to create and store sendout settings can streamline your sendout process within your Mapp Engage platform, or if you connect externally.

​Group Category​

Assigns a group category to the group. You can use group categories for analysis, automations, and selections.

​Add Owner as Member​

Adds the group owner as a member of the group. This membership is no different from any other contact that is added to the group and can be deleted at any time.

To join the group as a member, the owner must have a contact profile. A system user who does not have a contact profile is not a member of any groups, even if he or she is a group owner.


When selected, the group is created as a SuperGroup. A SuperGroup makes it possible to create and send a message to more than one group at a time. A message sent to a SuperGroup is sent to all of the members of all of the subgroups.

The ​From Address​ sets the name and email address that contacts see as the sender of the email in their inboxes. For more information, see ​Reply Handling (tab)​.