In the ​Group Settings​ area, you can create and edit group-specific settings.

General Group Settings​

Owner / Managers

The group owner and manager(s) are displayed in the ​General Settings (tab)​.

To assign the role that a user has in the group, see ​Assign a Group Role​. To assign the role of group-owner to one of the managers in a group, see ​Change Group Owner​.

Group Category

Each group can be assigned to a group category. Group categories make it easier to manage statistical analysis and reporting for different types of groups.

For more information, see ​Group Categories​.

For how-to instructions, see ​Create New Group Category​.

Country / Language

The country and language settings of the group determine the default settings that are used for system messages.

The country and language of the group are selected in the ​General Settings (tab)​.

Group Subscription Settings​

Moderated Group Membership

When a group is moderated, the group moderator must approve every potential subscriber before they join the group.

For more information, see ​Moderated Group Memberships​.

For how-to instructions, see ​Moderate Group Membership​.

MPS Parameters

MPS Parameters are inserted into request forms on Mapp Engage landing pages to indicate mandatory input fields.

MPS parameters are created in the ​General Settings (tab)​.

Landing Pages

A landing page is a special web page that is created in Mapp Engage. Landing pages allow recipients to access and update profile data or subscribe/unsubscribe to a newsletter.

For more information, see ​Landing Pages​.

Moderation and Notification Settings​

Moderated Sendouts

When messages are moderated in a group, an owner or manager must approve every message before sendout.

For more information, see ​Message Moderation​.

For how-to instructions, see ​Create a Message Moderation Process​.

Moderated Membership

When membership in a group is moderated, the group moderator must personally approve every applicant that subscribes to the group.

For more information, see ​Moderated Group Memberships​.

For how-to instructions, see ​Moderate Group Membership​.

Owner Notifications

The group owner can be informed of every subscription and unsubscribe to a group. The group owner can also receive XML notifications regarding sendouts, profile changes, (un)subscribes, bounces, and blacklisting.

Notification requirements are defined in the ​Notifications (tab)​.

Message-Related Settings​

Sendout Speed & Time

It is possible to set the speed and time frame of sendouts in the group.

The settings are entered in the ​Sendout Options (tab)​.

Sender Name

It is possible to change the sender name and address of the group.

The settings are created in the ​General Settings (tab)​.


It is possible to enter a preferred channel for all sendouts in the group. These settings are only valid for members of the group who do not have a read mode stored in their attributes.

The settings are entered in the ​Sendout Options (tab)​.

Message Header / Footer

A specific message header or footer that is added to every message sent in the group can be created and stored in the group settings.

The group header or footer is stored in the ​Sendout Options (tab)​.


List-Unsubscribe Header

A List-Unsubscribe header adds an easily accessible and very visible unsubscribe button to a message. List-Unsubscribe headers are supported by most ISPs and email clients.

For more information, see ​Add Standard List-Unsubscribe Headers​.

Responses and Deactivation

A spam complaint response causes immediate deactivation of the recipient within the group. The settings for spam complaints cannot be changed. For all other response categories, one response within seven days is the default deactivation setting. We recommend using the deactivation settings that have been put together by our deliverability experts, see ​Deactivation (tab)​.

The settings for response handling in each group are defined in the ​Deactivation (tab)​.


Opens & Clicks

Preferences regarding how Mapp Engage tracks message opens and clicks on links are set in the ​Tracking & Links (Tab)​.

For how-to instructions, see ​Activate the Evaluation of Opens of HTML Messages in a Group​.

Link Parameters (for web analytics)

The parameters that enable external link tracking with a web analytics tool are added in the group settings.

For how-to instructions, see ​Add Parameters to All Links in a Message​.

In the group settings, it is also possible to exclude a link, see ​Exclude Links From Link Parameters​ and ​Tracking & Links (Tab)​.

Inbox Monitoring

Inbox Monitoring uses a seed list to test the deliverability of a message at different domains.

For more information, see ​Inbox Monitoring​.

For how-to instructions, see ​Enable Inbox Monitoring​.

Message Reply Settings​

Reply Handling

Reply Handling defines how Mapp Engage manages certain reactions to messages (for example, when a recipient answers a message using the reply button in their email client rather than a link in the message). Settings are entered on the ​Reply Handling (tab)​.

For how-to instructions, see ​Manage Replies to Email Messages​.

IMAP Inbox

It is possible to configure reply handling for a group so that replies are managed in an IMAP folder.

For how-to instructions, see ​Access the Inbox with IMAP​.