To create an email template based on a framework.


Content Management (Email) is an extra feature that must be enabled for your Mapp Engage system. For more information, contact your account manager.

  • A framework has been created and saved in the  ​Frameworks​  tab.

  • Blocks have been created and saved in the  ​Blocks​  tab.

  • You need the following permissions:

Permission Number



Content Management: View and Use Frameworks


Content Management: View and Use Blocks


Content Management: View and Use Email Templates


Content Management: Create Email Templates


Content Management: Edit Email Templates

Background Information​

An email template is a reuseable and flexible combination of blocks.

An email template is created based on a framework. That means an email template is created with the blocks a framework accepts in the framework body at specific places. Once email templates are created in the system, you can use them for all your email messages.

To create email templates, you do not need any email HTML knowledge. You create the email template in a visual editor.

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Select Framework

  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click Content Management​ > ​Email​.
    ⇒ The ​Email​ window opens to the ​Email Messages​ tab.
  2. Click the ​Email Templates​ tab.
    ⇒ The  ​Email Templates​  tab opens.
  3. Click the ​Create​ button.
    ⇒ The ​​New Email Template​ window opens.
  4. In the Name​ input field, define the template name.
  5. From the ​Select Framework​ table, select the desired framework.
    The framework cannot be changed once you clicked the Save​ button. Create a new email template, if you selected the wrong framework.
  6. Click the Save​ button.
    ⇒ The email template is saved.
    The​ Compose Email Template​ window opens to the ​Edit​ tab.

Define Email Template Information (optional)

  1. Open the Information​ tab.
  2. Enter information about your email message on the ​General​ tab of the ​Information​ panel.
    The ​​Name​​ input field on ​the General​ tab is the only mandatory input field in the ​​Information​ panel. However, we recommend that you enter a description for every message. The description helps you identify the message in your system. If you select ​Group​ from the drop-down menu, you can use related Group Membership Attributes as sendout conditions.
  3. To save all applied changes before proceeding, click the ​Save​ button.
    This step is optional but recommended.

Build Email Template Layout

  1. Open the ​Edit​ tab.
  2. Build your email template.
    Drag the desired blocks to the desired position.
    You can change the blocks and the position of the blocks in the email message creation process again.

  3. To save all applied changes, click the ​Save​ button.
    To save all changes and close the Compose Email Template​ window, click the Save & Close​ button.
    To cancel the template creation, click the ​Cancel​ button.