In the Content Management (Email) feature, you create email messages that are based on email templates within a visual editor.

Reusable email templates allow you to create email messages with a consistent look and feel. Create email templates for all your campaigns and facilitate email message creation for all your team members.

If you want, you can give your email developers access to the new feature as well. System users with knowledge of HTML for email can create and change HTML code of frameworks and blocks directly in your system.

Changes to frameworks and blocks are applied to all your email templates automatically. That makes your email creation process more flexible and efficient.

The Content Management (Email) feature currently supports the creation of HTML email messages only. Multipart email messages and plain-text email messages are not supported yet.


  • Separate layout and content creation easily independent of HTML knowledge.

  • Define which content can be edited at which place in the message

  • Drag-and-drop content blocks with our user-friendly editors to create high-quality messages.

  • Create and view content in a visual editor.