It is possible to send the recorded data in batches instead of single requests. This helps to save battery and bandwidth and ensures the chronological processing of requests.

When using batch support, we recommend using the client timestamp of the request to calculate page duration. Please contact your account manager to enable client timestamp support for your account.


MappIntelligence.shared()?.batchSupportEnabled = true
MappIntelligence.shared()?.batchSupportSize = 150
[[MappIntelligence shared] setBatchSupportSize:150];
[[MappIntelligence shared] setBatchSupportEnabled:YES];




true = Requests are sent in batches to Mapp Intelligence.

false = default. Batch support is disabled.

batchSupportSize = 5000

The default size of a batch is set to 5000 requests per batch. The maximum number supported is 10000 per batch.

If the cached track data exceeds the maximum number of allowed requests per batch, multiple batches are sent to Mapp Intelligence.