The Mapp Intelligence iOS SDK v5 is used to implement tracking in your native iOS application. The SDK is essential for data collection in your mobile app. The iOS SDK v5 also supports tracking for watchOS, tvOS, and iPadOS. 

Collect meaningful data about how your apps are used, track how your users interact with your app, how they view specific pages, and custom events. Based on the tracking data from apps different indicators can be measured, which are are already known from web analytics, such as page impressions, events, screen size, operating system, e-commerce tracking, etc. Especially page impression data or events, and also the number of conversion in the e-commerce tracking are beneficial to draw conclusions for your business optimization.

Concerning the handling, we have focused on the following points: Developers should be able to set up the system quickly and intuitively. Overall, we have reduced the complexity to the optimal level required to ensure flexibility and scalability with high performance.

The latest iOS SDK is written in Objective C for better performance and cross-platform support. 

This documentation guides you through the app setup while providing useful examples and explanatory notes to understand the iOS SDK v5 structure better.