Navigation Path​

  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click .
    ⇒ The ​Custom Audience​ window opens.

  2. Click by the custom audience you want to review.
    ⇒  The ​Audience Insights​ window opens for that audience.


Get a detailed view of how an audience performed in the past 7 days.

Actions ​




Opens the ​Custom Audience​ window.

Opens the ​Audience Insights​ window for a selected audience.





Select to toggle the display of male constituents of this audience.


Select to toggle the display of female constituents of this audience.

​Campaign Performance​

Select the check box. In the dialogue box that appears, specify a campaign that targeted this audience. All impression and click trackers must be implemented to use this feature. An overview of daily audience performance for the selected campaign opens.

  • Campaign Name:​ Name of the campaign in which the audience engaged in as shown.
  • Date:​ The day for which the performance metrics are listed.
  • Unique Reach:​ The number of unique users who interacted with the campaign.
  • CTR %:​ The percentage click-through rate. This reflects the percentage of visitors who clicked from the ad through to the landing page.
  • CPM:​ Lists the cost per thousand (mille) impressions served, the standard pricing model for online advertising.




​Audience Loads & Reach​

Shows the audience loads and audience reach per day. Audience load indicates the number of visitors who were added to the audience on a given day. Reach indicates the number of unique visitors who performed as members of this audience for a given day. Reach indicates how many visitors you potentially touched with your impressions.

​Audience Totals​

Shows the total number of unique users for the lifetime of this audience and for the last seven days.

​Audience Overlap​

Shows the overlap between the featured audience and another audience. The overlap calculation divides the number of overlapping users by the number of unique users in both audiences.

  • Name:​ Displays the name of the custom audience or lookalike audience, or the pixel ID.
  • Overlap:​ Shows on a one-to-one basis the overlap between the audience featured in the window and other audiences and pixels.

​Audience Gender​

Shows gender differentiation of your audience, when available.