When you create a generic integration, the user mapping type is by default already included. Other mapping types need to be added as needed. This article describes how to add a new mapping type to your generic integration.


  1. Open the integration and switch to the Mapping tab. The user mapping type is already created by default.
  2. To add a new mapping type click on the plus sign 
  3. Select the mapping type from the drop-down list, give it a name and click Create.

    The available mapping subtypes are: User,  Email,  Transactions,  Wishlist,  Abandoned Cart,  Location,  SMS and  Push.

    For example:

    Each mapping type contains a list of default destinations which are relevant to the mapping type.

    You can add user data mapping to every mapping type. For example, when you send an email you can add user attributes to user profile within the same API call.

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