Media Tracking is now available via Mapp's media tracking API. Use this functionality to track how your mobile app users interact with your media files.

Key Benefits

  • Track user behavior on video and audio files: Find out whether your users prefer to watch videos with or without sound, or the total play duration.
  • Define your own media actions: Capture, for example, a click on a "Recommend" link as a media action to evaluate the time of the click within the video.
  • Gather info to optimize your media files: Analyze the data and improve the media content to attract more app users.

How Does It Work?

  1. To start a media session, the API expects an initial "play" or "init" call. Otherwise no session is initiated and no actions can be tracked.

  2. To end a media session, the "eof" action needs to be sent to Mapp.

  3. After an "eof" is send, "play" would start a new media session.

Refer to this page for detailed information on available parameters, API constraints and code examples.


Media Tracking is only available for Android v5.0.2 or higher.