Mobile Push and InApp Events are available as selection criteria in Segmentation Builder. Target specific audiences with your tailored messages based on their interactions with your mobile apps.

Key Benefits

The Segmentation Builder is a central tool within Mapp Engage that allows you to build and target a specific audience with a tailored message. Within the Segmentation Builder, you can create audiences based on multiple different criteria. 

Here, we are introducing selection criteria based on how your contacts interact with your mobile apps:

  • when they install and use your mobile app. For example, you can find out which app version your contacts are using, and send them an email promoting a new version of your app.
  • whether a Push Notification and/or an InApp Message was delivered to them, and how they reacted to it (dismissed or engaged). By using these criteria, you can ensure that you only target contacts who open your messages, and engage with them. This way you prevent sending out messages that might be considered as spam by your disengaged contacts.

You will find more details about this feature in our online help article.


This upgrade is part of our Winter Update 2021 and is available to all Engage users with the mobile option enabled. For more information, contact your Customer Success or Account Manager.