You can now archive obsolete messages in Mapp Engage. Get a clean overview of all your active messages, with the possibility to hide and show archived ones. What is more, you can reactivate archived messages at any time and use them again for your campaigns.

Key Benefits

  • Unclutter your Email overview and focus on active messages only. You can show or hide archived messages for an even better overview.
  • Reactivate archived messages at any time - this reinstates all their previous parameters and it will be ready to use again.
  • Archive option is available for Mobile Push, In-App and AMP Email messages.


Default for all Engage accounts.

How does it work?

  1. Go to Messages and select the message type Mobile Push, In-App or AMP Email messages.

  2. Click the three dots on the right side of the message you want to edit and click Archive

  3. Your message has been archived. Use the toggle switch Show Archive at the top right to view all your archived messages.

  4. To reactivate a message, click the three dots on the right and click Reactivate.

Archiving the message will also archive its statistics.