The marketing calendar in Mapp Engage has been improved and now covers all communication channels. Preview all scheduled and sent messages, filter by channel, type, and status, or search by message ID and keywords.

Key Benefits

  • Visualize your campaign plan across all channels from a time-based perspective

  • Plan when to prepare and send your messages

  • Plan messages that align with activities in other channels

  • Preview message content to see which offers are scheduled for sendout

  • Identify opportunities to schedule messages when they are more likely to get a response

  • Filter the messages that the calendar displays to suit your needs

  • Change or reschedule planned activities quickly and efficiently

How does it work?


Messages > Calendar

Filter & Search

 Filter by Channel

Available channels:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Mobile Push
  • Web-Push
  • In-App
  • AMP
  • Direct mail
 Filter by Status

Available Status:

  • Scheduled
  • Processing
  • Finished
  • Canceled
  • Failed
  • Paused
 Filter by Message Type

Available message types:

  • Normal
  • Pre-Split main
  • Split main
  • Split variant
  • Super message
  • Sub-message

This filter applies to Email and SMS only.

This filter applies to Email and SMS only.

 Search by ID or keyword

Allows you to search by Message ID, or a keyword.

Adjust views

  • Use arrows to skip back and forth by a month, week or day
  • Change view from monthly to weekly or daily

See all events of the day

Clicking on a day opens a panel on the right-hand side that shows all events for that day.

From this panel, you can expand the event to see more details and actions.


This feature is part of our spring update 2022 and will be rolled out to all Engage systems by June 8th.

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