You work with large amounts of data, use many groups, and want to handle GDPR easily? We have good news for you! In Mapp Engage, you can now set up automations to remove and archive group memberships, including the respective attributes. Make your system more transparent and safe without any manual effort!

Key Benefits

  • Keep your groups updated and your system clean. This way you are not maintaining any unused or redundant groups, 
  • Reduce manual work and save time by setting up the relevant automations.
  • Handle data privacy restrictions and GDPR easily. Personally identifiable information (PII) will be removed during clearing.
  • The automation will remove obsolete memberships and attributes, but will keep the contacts in the system.
  • Recommended to Customers with large amounts of data.


If you are interested in activating this feature, contact your customer success or account manager.

How does it work?

  1. Go to Automations > Automations > Time-Based and click Create.

  2. Give your automation a name and description (the latter is optional). 

  3. In the Job drop-down menu select the required action:

    1. Archive groups by group creation date, or

    2. Remove memberships by group creation date.

  4. Define for which groups the job should be run. You can define this by groups older than a number of days, weeks or months.
  5. Click Schedule and define your automation details: time zone, start date, repetition, etc.
  6. Click Save & Close. Ready!