With Mapp's new "Back in Stock" and "Price Drop" Campaigns you can reengage contacts who were interested in your products, but did not order. With new pre-defined Related Data tables for Wishlist and Abandoned Cart, this task is easier than ever. Simply set your triggers and define the desired user journeys in your Whiteboard.

Key Benefits

  • Reengage contacts and ignite new interest in your products:
    • Send emails to people who put items in their carts, or on wishlists, but did not finalize their purchases.
    • Inform potential buyers when the product they are interested in is low on stock, back in stock, and available at a lower price.
  • Upload your Product Catalog, Wishlist, and Abandoned Cart data. You can do this manually, via an automation, API or Acquire Event. Mapp Engage will compare the data and identify the products whose availability and price have changed.
  • Customize triggers - for example, price drop percentage, or minimum number of available products - and let the Whiteboard use them to send reengaging communication to your contacts.

How does it work?


This is a default feature for all Engage accounts. Make sure you have your Related Data tables set up. Contact your Account Manager if you need any support.