Mapp Connect is a data layer for Mapp Engage. It uses add-ons and API connections to allow you to exchange data between third-party marketing applications and Mapp Engage.

Use of Mapp Connect Integrations

  • Mapp Connect is an asynchronous API. It allows you to exchange contact and eCommerce data between third-party applications and Mapp Engage, and send Emails, SMS, and Push Messages.
  • It allows you to integrate plugins for your external systems with Mapp Engage. For a number of those systems, Mapp has predefined integrations (e.g. 250ok, Magento, Salesforce, Shopware, Zapier). For others, you can use the generic integration type.
  • The advantage of Mapp Connect imports over regular Mapp Engage imports and synchronous API (REST and SOAP) is that it allows you to unify your source data into the format you need during import. 
  • With Mapp Connect, you can access third-party integrations from one central location.

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