This dimension is part of the pages analysis and shows the direct follower page of a page within the same visit.

Between both pages no further pages may be viewed.

Using this dimension is most useful if you restrict your analysis to a specific page (i.e., the page that follows the shown "preceding page").


A user views the following pages within a visit:

Regarding Page A:

  • the follower page is Page B,
  • the second follower page is Page C.

How to use this dimension in an analysis

Which page is viewed after "en.home"?

Analyze using a filter

  • Filter

    custom filter

  • Analysis

    follower pages examples

    After the page "en.home", the page "en.topics" was accessed 7805 times.

Analysis in a pivot table

follower pages hierarchy

"-" means that there was no follower page, i.e. "en.home" was the exit page.

Similar figures

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Second Preceding Pages: the pages viewed directly before a preceding page
Preceding Pages: the pages viewed directly before a page

Further Information

Training document Analyses of Navigation Paths