Goal ​

Exclude Link Redirection for a specific link in a message.



Timed link redirection is enabled on a group-wide basis. Individual links, however, can only be excluded in an individual message.

Please note that system links (e.g. unsubscribe, forward) are anyway never redirected.

For further information about the feature see ​Timed Link Redirection​.



  1. Open the message from which you would like to exclude links from being redirected.
    ⇒ The message can be edited in the HTML editor of Mapp Engage or outside of Mapp Engage.
  2. In the link tag of the HTML email, enter the following additional parameter: ecm:ttl="off".

    : <a href="http://MainWebshopPage.de/cunstomercomplaint" ecm:ttl="off">Customer Service</a>

  3. Send the message with Mapp Engage.
    ⇒ All messages that contain the additional parameter: ecm:ttl="off" are not redirected. All other links are redirected at the scheduled time.