With timed link redirection, you can specify that after a certain length of time, all links in a message are redirected to a different page (e.g. to the start page of the online shop).

This prevents recipients who click a message link at a later date from landing on a page that is out of date or no longer in existence.

For example, after 30 days, all message links automatically redirect to the website start page. This means that recipients who open and click the message more than 30 days after sendout are automatically directed to the start page of the online shop, rather than to the original link destination. This prevents recipients from clicking through to out-of-date content or out-of-stock products.

Using Link Redirection​

Timed link redirection is enabled on a group-wide basis. You set up link redirection in the group settings. For more information, see Tracking & Links (Tab)​.

All links in a certain group are redirected after the same length of time (e.g. "after 30 days") and always redirect to the same new destination.

Once link redirection is enabled for a group, redirection applies to all links in all messages.

The following links are excluded from link direction:

  • System links (unsubscribe, forward) are never redirected.

  • It is possible to exclude single links from automatic redirection by manually editing the link in the HTML code.

    • In the link tag of the HTML email, enter the following additional parameter: ecm:ttl="off".
      <a href="http://MainWebshopPage.de/cunstomercomplaint" ecm:ttl="off">Customer Service</a>

If you create messages using CMS templates, it is necessary to contact your customer service representative and indicate which links should be automatically redirected, and which should continue to link to the original destination (links cannot be included or excluded in link redirection within the CMS template user interface). To set up timed link redirection for your CMS templates, therefore, please contact your customer service representative.


Here are some scenarios where lifetime link redirection could be helpful:

  • A fashion chain sends a weekly newsletter promoting current offers. Most of these items will be offered in the store for only a relatively short period of time. The company sets up link redirection so that after 30 days, all links that once linked to a specific product site now link to the online shop main page. This ensures that customers do not click through to products that are no longer in season or in stock.
  • A company offers limited-time offers that expire after a certain time - for example, a special deal that is only valid for one calendar week. For this offer, link direction is set up so that 7 days after email sendout, the links automatically redirect to the home page.


Lifetime link redirection is turned on for a group under the Tracking & Links (Tab)​.

For how-to instructions, please see Add Timed Link Redirection​.