General Information

Mapp Connect Generic only supports import and the following destinations: 

  • User
  • Email
  • Transactions
  • Wishlist
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Location
  • SMS
  • Push.

Each mapping contains a list of default destinations that are relevant to the mapping type. You can add user data mapping to every mapping type. For example: when you send an email you can add user attributes to user profile within the same API call.


  1. Go to the mapping you want to edit and click Edit.
  2. Edit the name in the pop-up window that appears. The description is optional.
  3. To configure the mapping, click Edit Field Mapping.
  4. Click the plus sign.
  5. The Edit Mapping Information window opens. Here you must define the details of the mapping.

    1. Add source(s) lets you specify one or more data sources. For example: email, phone number, etc.
    2. Source Transformation lets you define whether any data should be changed during import. Read more about data transformations here.
    3. Choose Mapping subtype lets you chose from four options: User, Email, SMS and Push.
    4. Destination attribute lets you specify where the imported data will be mapped.

      Mapping sources and destinations are case sensitive!

Edit User Attributes

  1. Under Choose Mapping subtype (location)  select User.

  2. Under Destination attribute select the type of attribute: Core (Standard), Addon, Custom, Member, or Related Data.
    1. Core (Standard) - select a standard attribute from the drop-down list.
    2. Addon - select an attribute, or create a new one.

      Addon attributes are not visible on the UI or email personalization. They can be used in Segmentation Builder.

    3. Custom - select a custom attribute from the list.
    4. Member - enter group_id:attribute_name
    5. Related Data - select the required related data table and select the column where you want to store the imported data.
  3. Click Save.

Further Information