Here is how you can create a segment in Mapp's Segmentation Builder.


The following video shows how to create a segment.

  1. Go to ​Audience​ > ​Segmentation Builder​.
  2. Click ​Create​.
  3. Define the name of the new segment.

    The name of each segment must be unique. You can enter a description that stores additional information about the segment.
  4. Click ​Create.
  5. Drag the criteria from the ​Add New Criteria​ panel onto the canvas.
  6. Define the conditions of your segment. Add containers as needed.
    For details about criteria and containers, see Segmentation Builder Basics.

  7. To calculate and refresh all counts, click the  symbol at the top of the canvas. 
  8. To save the segment, click ​Save​.

    The segment is saved and you can keep refining the criteria as needed, but it will not be available for use in the Engage system. To make your segment available, you need to publish it first. Once you publish a segment, it can be used anywhere in Mapp Engage.
  9. To publish the segment, click Publish

    Mapp Engage checks that the segment structure and contents are valid before it publishes a segment. The segment must meet the following conditions:

    • criteria are logically combined

    • all dates in the segment are valid

    • all mandatory fields are filled

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