You can delete segments individually or in bulk.

Deletion cannot be undone!


Delete a single segment

  1. Go to the Segmentation Builder main view.
  2. Select the segment plan you want to delete by clicking on it once.
  3. A new menu item - More - appears at the top. Expand it to open the drop-down list.
  4. Click Delete.
  5. A pop-up window appears asking you to confirm the action. Click Delete again. Ready!

Delete segments in bulk (mass deletion)

  1. Click the trash icon at the bottom of the page to configure a mass deletion of your segments.
    You can filter by:
    1. name
    2. dates (before a specific date):
      1. creation date
      2. last change
      3. last published
  2. Click Estimate. The system will calculate how many segments match the criteria you selected.
  3. Click Delete Plans to delete the segments.

    Active segments will not be deleted and will be marked as failed.