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Deployment date: 01 Feb 2021 - 04 Feb 2021

Change Request:

DMCP-9077 - Direct Mail Channel - backend part - send
DMCP-9079 - Direct Mail Channel - sendout workflow
DMCP-9132 - Direct Mail Channel - channel statistics (MVP)
DMCP-9144 - Custom parameters in the credential store
DMCP-9153 - ML Topic SB selector (DMC part)
DMCP-9151 - Change split push validation
MOB2-522 - Process control for Push sendout
MOB2-624 - [FE] Display detailed process information


DMCP-8727 - RDE is failing due to the error “too many messages in the export”
DMCP-9128 - Images missing in the view-online version of messages
DMCP-9142 - RD List stuck in importing status and change of status also not possible
DMCP-9147 - Related data import stuck
DMCP-9154 - resume not working, jobs remain in parked status
DMCP-9155 - RelatedData delete records until timestamp operation removes data improperly from elasticsearch.
DMCP-9163 - Button Create is missing on Channels overview
DMCP-9185 - {RelatedData} DeleteRecords leaves DELETING status
DMCP-9149 - WL and AC rows deletion by events doesn't work / wrong key
DMCP-9159 - Direct mail stats config
DATA-3377 - Missing values in RDE for DPV
MOB2-571 - Push Control process: Api call for PAUSE, CANCEL, RESUME do not work
MOB2-569 - Update attributes
MOB2-641 - Enable deletion of one user Phone data from DS via API or sysadmin
AMP-165 - AMP goes on status FAILED for the group with non-email users
AMP-185 - Process is not updated for canceled AMP


Deployment date: 25 Jan 2021 - 28 Jan 2021


DMCP-9083 - connection logic to SFTP servers in e.g. System tasks
DMCP-9118 - 500 error displayed when creating system user with the apostrophe in the email address
DMCP-9152 - "Related Data: Delete Records" job - number set to 0