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Error parsing document.

Document not well-formed or not valid

Check if XML is valid. Check examples or WSDL for available tags

Error parsing document. Message: "no such member-list"

Attachment invalid or missing

Please check <uri-reference> tag and attachment name

Group email domain '' invalid for customer

Domain not correct for the particular customer

In Mapp Engage create a new group and check domain

Email '740f224' already exists.. Error ID 'TestGroup1'`

Group email already exists

Check <email> tag

<import-fatal-error>Content is not allowed in prolog.</import-fatal-error>

Problem with attachment format

Check <uri-reference> and <member-list> tags

No CDATA for HTML/TXT part OR Encoding for group or message content or recipient file is wrong.

use CDATA to avoid this.

The zip file cannot be found

File zipped with a directory structure

Pack zip file without directory (1 level compression)

Content not allowed in prologIn "Process Control XML" "File is Zipped:" is  false"File is Zipped:" set to true

Other problems

  • FTP URL not ending with /

  • Sendout date is before the campaign is fully loaded on eC-m

  • Executor/owner of task/group is deactivated (group/systemwide)