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Deployment date: 16 Feb 2021 - 22 Feb 2021

Change Request:
DMCP-9097 - new function / button to download KPI for Split Sendout ...
DMCP-8871 - AB tests for PUSH channel in WB (DMC part)
DMCP-9077 - Direct Mail Channel - backend part - send
DMCP-9181 - User is able to find DirectMail in Messages Menu
DMCP-9202 - Add RD (single row) function to the NEW personalization

DMCP-9179 - ... Change notification system messages to support emails without system users
DMCP-9122 - Engage HTML Editor jumps to bottom of page on line insert
DMCP-9138 - Related Data : Unable to load data via the UI
DMCP-9158 - Mobile App RDE issues
DMCP-9178 - System Unsubscribe Link is not being tracked when customized
DMCP-9189 - JSP function executeApi2Call doesn't work with the parameter values with the accents
DMCP-9196 - CTS Consult - Product catalog
DMCP-9197 - Push split sendout problems with domain resolving
DMCP-9208 - Problems with validation of Http response received step in IP
DMCP-9211 - Users stuck within WB due to system error
DMCP-9126 - Mobile push skipped recipients info log
DMCP-9173 - fast flow backlog leading to sendout issues
DMCP-9175 - Add Northern Ireland ISOCountryCode
DMCP-9193 - AMP sendout in Interaction Planner
MOB2-646 - InApp - Not necessary activation error message on view button
MOB2-654 - Push API: Send single push return 400
MOB2-641 - Enable deletion of one user Phone data from DS via API or sysadmin
MOB2-651 - Migration of phone data from APX
MOB2-660 - Add unique ID or formcontrolname for Pause, Cancel, Resume
MCT-297 - Send monitoring email after import job fails


Deployment date: 09 Feb 2021 - 15 Feb 2021