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DMCP-8992 - Load & validate trigger values to product catalog ...
DMCP-8971 - HTTP requests in WB improvements (DMC part #2)
DMCP-8972 - HTTP headers in WB (DMC part)
MOB2-450 - Public API - createAndSchedulePushMessage
MOB2-451 - Public API - updatePushMessage
MOB2-452 - Public API - deletePushMessage
MOB2-454 - Public API - getPushMessage
MOB2-457 - Public API - cancelPushSend
DATA-3202 - Improve engage/bulk engage events gathering in CEP

DMCP-8601 - contact statistics layout intended change
DMCP-8975 - ... 500 Internal Server Error on on split sendout message
DMCP-8985 - sendout DS not respecting throttling and percentage members set
DMCP-8986 - "Number of group members" is not working properly.
DMCP-8999 - NoSuchSelectionPlanException issue
DMCP-9003 - send message to test recipient(stuck in UI)
DMCP-8819 - Implement Gainsight PX for RD in DMC
DMCP-8977 - Store mapp connect last event date in database
DMCP-8984 - Save user related data attributes through RegisterMctContactJob
DMCP-8990 - Event attributes in interaction planner-improve
MOB2-532 - Statistic end date not correctly shown in stats preview
MOB2-555 - Cloning Inapp message with Inbox type - app event stays disabled
MOB2-558 - Generate Billing Report takes too long + generated file is empty
AMP-170 - AMP export stats - Incorrect IDs are selected ...
AMP-173 - AMP Pause, Cancel, Resume do not work as expected ...