You can use Whiteboards to send the right messages, with the right content, at the right time, to the right contacts! Build closer, more personal contact relationships that increase your competitive edge. Whiteboard is the Mapp Engage tool to design, validate, automate, and execute your marketing campaigns. You can take advantage of the intuitive design and added guidance while constructing your customer's journey. These are much more than a series of timed messages, you can develop Whiteboards that respond directly to the behavior of your contacts. You can even update profile data or manage subscriptions as part of a comprehensive and well-designed plan.

Uses of Whiteboards:

  • Create automated marketing plans that respond immediately to the behavior and attributes of your contacts. Since all steps and sendouts are automated, no manual effort from you is required.
  • Send messages in any Mapp Engage-supported channel.
  • Use the intuitive interface to plan even complex marketing programs easily.
  • Real-time validation checks your campaign as you build it. Mapp Engage tells you immediately if there is a problem with the sequence of steps or if a step is missing information.
  • Create a flexible sequence of steps that guides your contacts along a marketing journey that you define.
  • Contacts can take different paths through the whiteboard depending on their attribute values, behavior, or preferences. Split paths to create a more personalized journey for each contact.
  • Use statistics to track and improve your whiteboards.

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