End Device visitor ID

User registration at Mapp Intelligence initially works via cookies. A cookie is set in the browser so the user can be recognized at the next visit.

This ID can be viewed in the cookie itself (see e.g. Which cookies are set by Mapp Intelligence?), is transferred in the pixel request (see here), and is found in Mapp Intelligence as the dimension "End Device visitor IDs".

Customer ID

You can also transfer your own IDs. If a user logs on to the website, a unique ID for this user can be transferred to Mapp Intelligence. This can be seen in the pixel request (see here) and can be found in Mapp Intelligence as the "URM - Custom Visitor ID" dimension.

With the help of the own visitor ID it is possible to merge different devices of a user into a Mapp Intelligence Visitor and thus have a user-centered instead of a device-centered reporting.

URM visitor ID

Mapp Intelligence needs an internal ID for each visitor, regardless of whether they have a CustomerID or not. This is the visitor ID. It is not available in the browser because it is generated internally by Mapp Intelligence.

The first time the user visits with a new device, a user cookie with the corresponding ID is generated (see above). If the Customer ID is handed over during the first visit of a device and the user is already known to Mapp Intelligence, the device is assigned to the existing visitor ID. Otherwise, the visitor ID of the terminal device corresponds to the visitor ID.