We have released a new version of the Webtrekk Smart Pixel to allow further improvements in tracking. With this version, the URL of a page (content ID) and a link will not be automatically changed. Previously, the values for the current content IDs and link tracking were automatically changed by the pixel into the following structure:

  • Underscores have replaced points.
  • Slashes changed to dots.

To get a more intuitive structure now, we have changed the behavior for automatic content ID generation and link tracking to the following structure:

  • The content ID displays the URL without any protocols, parameters, or anchors.
  • The automatic link tracking displays the linked href-URL without any protocols, parameters, or anchors (unless explicitly mentioned in the action tracking parameters).
  • For single page applications, progressive web apps, and accelerated mobile pages, it is still possible to generate content IDs based on URLs (even if they contain a # or other possible link decorations).
  • Anchor links do not generate a new content ID.

With this improvement, in Analytics under Pages, you can filter by a specific URL. This also makes it much easier to navigate directly to the actual page.