Enable Mapp Intelligence tracking without touching a single line of code. The Mapp Cloud app for Vtex creates the data layer used to feed the Mapp Cloud tracking products. It helps you to easily fuel the Mapp Intelligence customer insights dashboards with data, without requiring you to touch any code. Just get the extension, configure your Tag Integration ID, and enable the plugin. Mapp Intelligence gives you access to more than 20 pre-configured dashboards to start analyzing user behavior right away and adjust your marketing accordingly.


  • Adds the Mapp Cloud Tag Integration code to the Header of your website
  • Creates the standard data layer to start analyzing customer insights immediately
  • Enables customers to add the information needed to initialize tracking
  • Initializes tracking


Using VTEX App Store

  1. Access the Apps section in your account's admin page and look for the Mapp Cloud Integration box.
  2. Then, click on the Install button.
  3. You'll see a warning message about needing to enter the necessary configurations. Scroll down and type in your Tag Integration ID in the tiId field.
  4. Click on Save.

Using VTEX IO Toolbelt

  1. Install ( the vtex.icommkt@0.x app. You can confirm that the app has now been installed by running VTEX ls again.
  2. Access the Apps section in your account's admin page and look for the NAME OF THE APP box. Once you find it, click on the box.
  3. Fill in the tiId field with your Tag Integration ID.
  4. 4. Click on Save.

Mapping data in Mapp Cloud

Once Mapp Cloud Integration is active on your VTEX store, you can map data from the global _ti datalayer variable as parameters to your Mapp Intelligence plugin in Tag Integration. The following data is available: 

Datalayer VariableSuggested Mapping
_ti['pageName']Page ; Page Name
_ti['emailOptIn']Visitor ; E-mail-Opt-in
_ti['customerId']Visitor ; Customer ID
_ti['productId']Product ; Product name or ID
_ti['shoppingCartStatus']Product ; Shopping cart status
_ti['productCost']Product ; Product costs
_ti['currency']Product ; Currency
_ti['productName']Product ; Currency
_ti['productCategory']Product ; Categories
_ti['productQuantity']Product ; Product quantity
_ti['totalOrderValue']Product ; Total order value
_ti['orderId']Product ; Order ID
_ti['couponValue']Product ; Predefined ; Voucher value
_ti['numberOfSearchResults']Page ; Number of search results
_ti['internalSearch']Page ; Internal search phrase
_ti['eMailSubscription']Visitor ; E-mail receiver ID