A visit (a.k.a. "session") describes the visit of the website by a user.

A visit starts with the first page that was impressed or the first event that was measured (e.g., the click on a link).

By default, it ends after 30 minutes of inactivity (e.g., no page or event was measured).

This time span is also called "session timeout" and can be configured individually by Mapp Intelligence.

Short Facts

  • Counts the dimension "Session-IDs" (count metric)
  • Standard scope: Visits
  • Auto scope in the filter engine: Visitors
  • counts per browser
  • Session recognition is based on cookies. If a user does not have cookies activated, Mapp Intelligence uses a so-called "fingerprinting".
  • If different Customer IDs are passed within a visit, a new visit starts with the passing of each new ID.


A user views three pages:

  • For the corresponding day, two visits are shown, because there were more than 30 minutes between the pages "search" and "home".

  • In the pages analysis, the example yields the following results:

Example for using this metric in a filter:

  • Show only data of users that performed more than three visits:

    The Auto scope is "Visitors". Alternatively, you could choose "Visitors" as a scope.

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