Shows how many seconds a visit lasted on average.

CalculationDuration (Seconds) [Scope "Pages"] / Visits

Because of the "Pages" scope, this formula does not always show the duration of the whole visit.

For the last page of a visit (exit page), the page duration cannot be determined. 30 seconds are used as default value for the exit page. In case you want this value to be adapted, contact Mapp Intelligence Consulting.
If a link is clicked on the exit page, the time until the click of the link is also considered. Event-Requests generated by Mapp Intelligence Plugins (e.g. the content engagement Plugin) are also taken into account.

Example for durations on exit pages with and without click:

The page duration for the page "product view" is 1:30 mins, because after one minute, the link "Add to Cart" was clicked and afterward within the visit no page was viewed (standard duration avg = 30 sec).

On the page "cart", the page duration is 30 seconds, because on this exit page no link was clicked.

Overview of Durations in Mapp Intelligence

A user views 4 pages:

  • Days Analysis (Visitors > Traffic)
    For the corresponding day, the following data is shown:
  • Pages Analysis (Navigation > Pages > Pages)
    The pages analysis yields the following results:
    • Duration (Seconds) = Sum of all durations on a page
    • Page Duration Avg = Duration (Seconds) / Page Impressions
    • Visit Duration Avg = Duration (Seconds) / Visits

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