Teasers whose visibility is dynamically controlled by the zIndex, a rotation of different teaser elements, or other means, must be additionally marked when they are displayed (whether or not they are in the visible monitor area).


window.wt_ttv2 = window.wt_ttv2 || [];
    	selector: "li.item:nth-of-type(2)",
    	exclude: [
      		"li.item:nth-of-type(2) a:last-child"
      	data: {
         	name: "New Women Collection",
         	rank: "Main Page Banner",
         	content: "Women Collection",
         	variant: "campaign",
         	seen: true
      	conversion: {
         	type: "view",
         	goal: "order",
         	value: "10%"

The "seen" parameter is specified in the "data" configuration object. This controls the type recognition of the teaser during data acquisition. View tracking is then deactivated for this teaser. Click, engagement and conversion tracking will continue to work for this teaser.