• Inbox rendering is an add-on feature through ​Mapp Connect​ and is active by default. Talk to your customer representative if you want to de-activate this feature for your system.

  • Apply the inbox rendering check on a message before sendout.

  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click ​Messages​ > ​Inbox Rendering​ .
    ⇒ The ​Inbox Rendering​ window opens.
  2. Click the symbol next to the message check you want to view.
    ⇒ The ​Inbox Rendering Report​ window opens. This window displays the tests that are performed before the final sendout of a message. The results of the message check are displayed in two tabs, ​Design Test​ and ​Spam Test​.


Click the name of the message or ​Details​ in the top bar for information on the message that you tested.

Design Test​

Inbox rendering consists of a batch of real sendouts to common email providers and end devices. The test messages cover a wide range of browsers, clients, and devices.



Design Previews

This preview provides an accurate picture of how your email appears in many different contexts. You can easily identify problems, fix rendering issues, and further optimize your layout before sendout. You can also compare how your message appears with images on versus images off.

Images Check

Provides an overview of the images that are used in the message with their load time and any errors.

Links Check

Provides an overview of the links that are used in the message and any errors.

HTML Check

Provides information to optimize the HTML in your messages.

​Best Practices​ shows tips to improve areas in your HTML.

​Warnings​ provide details on which parameters in your HTML code are incompatible with different clients. Correct these errors before sendout.

Spam Test​



Spam Test

The spam check tests the message for deliverability difficulties when a message is suspected spam. Mapp Engage checks important external anti-spam lists to make sure that you pass the spam test.

​Authentication Check​ provides an overview of whether you have passed the authentication checks for spf, dkim, dmarc.

​Mail-Provider Results​ shows whether your creative arrives in the inbox at various mail providers.

​Filter results​ checks to see if there are any problems with your message that could flag the message for filtering.

​Blacklist Check​ checks your message against the SORBS spam and open-relay blocking system.

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