To automatically unsubscribe group members who send a reply to a message. Only replies that contain keywords, for example, "unsubscribe" or "do not contact", result in an unsubscribe. You can define your own keywords.


You need ​Automation​ or the ​Whiteboard​ for your system.


This procedure has two steps.

A) Configure ​Reply Handling​ in the group settings.

B) Create an event-based automation.

A) Configure Group Settings​

  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click ​Groups​.
    ⇒ The ​Group Overview​ window opens.
  2. Click  next to the group.
    ⇒ The ​Settings​ window opens.
  3. Select the ​Reply Handling​ tab.
  4. From the drop-down list ​Replies​, select ​Initiate an event-based automation​.
  5. Click ​Save​.

B) Create an Event-based Automation​

  1. In the ​Automation​ area, create a new whiteboard.
  2. Drag these modules onto the whiteboard: 1 ​Event​ module and 1 ​Event-based job​ module.
  3. Drag and drop between the  symbols to connect the modules.
  4. Define the module settings as follows:

    Event Module




    Enter a name for the module.


    ​Message Reply Received (C)​

    Group Name

    Select the group.


    From the drop-down, select ​Contains​. In the third field, enter the word that Mapp Engage should look for in the incoming subject line.

    To Address

    These fields limit the event to replies addressed to a certain email address. This can be used to apply the automation to multiple groups. It is necessary to configure the ​Reply Handling​ in the group settings of each group to which this automation should apply.

    The ​To Address​ is not the normal group address. This address has the format groupname-event@domain.com. The event is limited to incoming messages to this automatically generated reply address.

    Check for Multiple Words

    You can use Regex to check for multiple words at the same time. From the drop-down, select ​Matches [Regex]​. In the third field, enter the Regex.

    Example: *unsubscribe|(do[\s]*not[\s]*contact)*

    ​.*​ indicates that additional text or no text can appear before or after.

    ​|​ represents an "or" and indicates that only one of the patterns must appear in the email

    ​[\s]*​ indicates that one or more empty spaces may exist between these words.

    Check the Subject Line and the Body

    It is not possible to use the same automation to check both the subject line and the body. To do so, create a second automation on the same whiteboard.

    Event-based Job Module




    Enter a name for the module.


    ​Unsubscribe Member from One Group (C)​


    Check the ​Use Event Parameter​ checkbox.

    Group Name

    Check the ​Use Event Parameter​ checkbox.

    Send Confirmation

    Select ​Yes​ to send a confirmation message.

    Continue creating the whiteboard:

  5. Click ​Next​.
    ⇒ The ​Whiteboard​ window opens to step ​2. Define Time Frame​.
  6. Click ​Activate​ to immediately activate the whiteboard. Only active whiteboards are executed by the system.
    ⇒ The whiteboard is saved and activated. The automation has the status ​Running​ if the start date is immediate and ​Scheduled​ if the start date is in the future.