A ​Twitter Lead Generation Card​ is a type of promotional Tweet. Use this type of Twitter Card to generate interest in your brand and invite Twitter users to sign up for your newsletter. These cards are easy to set up and simple to interact with. They also create opportunities to find leads in a social channel and bring them into your email marketing campaigns.

You can configure a Twitter Card so that it adds the Twitter user to a group in Mapp Engage. The Twitter Card shows the name, username and email address associated with the Twitter account. The Twitter user shares this information with you when they click a button in an expanded Tweet.

These new leads are added to a group via single opt-in or double opt-in subscription process. Once they confirm their membership in the group, you can contact them with email messages you manage in Mapp Engage.

An additional configuration option lets you enter a destination URL. When the Twitter user submits their contact data, they are redirected to the page at this location. You can enter the URL of a Landing Page created in Mapp Engage that captures additional profile data. For more information about landing pages, see ​Landing Pages​.