This event registers when a new transaction is recorded from any source other than the import event.


  • Any Transaction
  • Specific Transaction:
    • Any of the following
    • All of the following
Add Criteria
  • Criteria: You can add criteria only when you select Specific Transaction. The following criteria are predefined:
    • Total order value
    • Product name
    • Product SKU
    • Product category
    • Product brand
    • Product variant
    • Purchase source
  • Operator: for all criteria except Total order value, the operator is by default "contains" and cannot be edited. For Total order value the following operators are available:
    • Does Not Equal
    • Equals
    • Is Greater Than
    • Is Greater Than or Equals
    • Is Less Than
    • Is Less Than or Equals
  • Value: Lets you add the relevant value to the selected criterion, e.g. a number for Product SKU

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